So there I was…

It was the 20 th of May, a nice and sunny Sunday morning. We were scheduled to play against de Kikkers (from here on out to be called the Froggies) who have there home ground situated in
Hoofddorp, or so we thought… Early in the morning we got a message saying that we needed to go to Rood and Wit in Haarlem because apparently the Froggies don’t have their own ground anymore. On the way there (and after some interesting phone calls) we found out we needed to be at the old ground and not the new ground. So obviously this is what we do. Cue the hike to the new clubhouse which turned out to be quite a hike… Just to find out that we were going to play at the new ground after all (thus our drivers had another hike back to the cars to move the cars)… We had to wait though for the youth to finish before we could play the game.

Thus at about 1.30 pm Poort and Nic walked on to the pitch to start off the batting innings. Nic managed to hit a 4 before getting out to a shorter ball, Ross managed to get out soon after that and
so did Poort. Shortly after that Ajeet also got out leaving us quite dumbfounded and worried. The pitch was doing interesting things to say the least. Short guys bowling bouncers quite a few pace
bowlers would be jealous of and did I mention this was off a length delivery? Needless to say Vithu and Dirk were having a rough time at the crease and scoring was slow. Soon
we were 52 for 6 after Dirk made a very patient 13 and Santhuru left quickly as well. At this point Abhinav entered the scene and with Vithu started to make a solid partnership. They were helped in no small way by the bowling attack who for some reason decided to bowl an enormous amount of wides and top scoring for the day (67 wides). They made a solid 70 run partnership followed by
another solid partnership between Rahaman and Vithu of another 50 runs. Somewhere in those two partnerships Vithu made a well deserved half century which considering how the pitch was playing is a very impressive performance. In the end after a short wag of the tail we ended up on 186 (which was about 120 more than we thought we might have made when we were 52 for 6) and we felt that was a good and defendable total.

What followed was a nail biting, heated, frustrating fielding session. Wickets were taken, drops were made, runs were scored. It had it all. In fact, it had more… Ajeet who has shown a more than willing tendency to put his body on the line to stop a ball went all out in this match. Diving to cut off a ball he managed to get his finger stuck in the ground. Did he break it, was it dislocated? I’m still not sure, all I know is Ajeet asked Poort to pull his finger which Poort didn’t want to do so Ross came and did it instead and I heard a distinctive snap and I then saw Ajeet leaving the field to be transported to hospital. You will be glad to know that all is well, but he just cannot play for the time being. Right, back to the game. Wickets fell on a regular basis, however we were leaking runs left, right and center. It didn’t help that we looked like we might want to give the Froggies a run for their money when it came down to the amount of wides we bowled, in the end we didn’t quite go that far but we still managed a respectable 39 wides. Not just that, we managed to drop quite a few catches as well (I seem to remember at least 6 going down). There were a few catches taken however with Abhinav continuing a good performance taking another 2 catches, Nic took 3 as keeper and Vithu, Rahaman, Poort and Charun each took a catch leaving just the one bowled. It took us 36.1 overs to eventually get them all out for 155 and I can tell you there were some very intense overs where the bowlers
were asked to ball as accurately as possible to keep the runs down.

In the end we came away with the win, a couple of players sporting some new bruises and injuries
and a general feeling of relief. Signing out for this week,