So, there I was, playing a good game of cricket for the 3rds again.  As always nice to see the guys again.

Dirkie, Pauly and Seany were out drinking the previous night but they looked rather well after hearing how much they drank.

Before the warmups started everyone wanted to a take a dump first, especially the 3 musketeers. I also wanted to go sit on the white elephant but time was running out decided to keep this turtle in for a while. Dirki won the toss and we were bowling first.

Things went well, fielding was spot on and the guys were bowling good lines and lengths. Mr big man Sean put every inch of his shoulder into his bowling and bowled his 10 overs, he even lost a toenail in the process. We almost saw a boxing match between him and one the “tokkie” batsman, but it was all cleared up and everyone made peace.

Back to my “turtle”. The first drinks approached and I was feeling the tension. I thought to myself maybe I should run quickly but decided against it and I convinced myself to wait for another 15 overs. Paul was standing next to me at covers and I was feeling a bit blue, he knew I wanted to go take a dump. As soon as the 2nd drinks session was called I didn’t even bother about drinking water I just sprinted to the loo. It was a quick “session” as I knew the guys were waiting for me. I got a cheer as I was running towards them and it was laughs all around.

After that, a seagull attacked Poortje in the field and it looked like he was in the army falling down on the ground as grenades were being thrown around.  It was quite hilarious.

Back to the actual cricket, the guys bowled really well and everyone did their part. Sean was bowling good lines and he was unlucky a few times. He was targeting the “wannabe C.Gayle” who apparently plays for the 1st as well. (dodgy). Abi comes up first ball, half volley and Mr “C. Gayle” scooped it right into Sean’s hands.

Mr Aussie (Dave) was ripping through their batting attack and took a 6’er. Emrich was consistent like the rest (Abi, Sean and Vithu) and got his first wicket for Kampong. We managed to bowl them out for 181.

Skipper (Dirki) and Pauly opened and got a nice opening partnership going until Pauly was run out for 40. Sean was next in-line but got out shortly after, thinking it might have been the toe or the shoulder which was hurting. But it was a good ball none the less.

Jimme also didn’t stay long. Dave and myself tried to play consistent and kept the scoreboard ticking. We both got out after a while and it was all up to Poortje and Vithu to finish it off.

Poortje was defending nicely and then he surprised all of us by hitting a beautiful straight six after a few dot balls.

All in all, the game was won by 4 byes and what a good chase it was. VRA was the team to beat. It was a great effort by everyone who kept calm and did their part.

I would like to thank the 3rds for showing me what winning feels like and what good spirit is like. I will take what I have learned back to the 2nds.  We all can learn from the 3rds.