Selectie heren 1 - Selection 1st men's team

Onlangs heeft de Technische Commissie, die onder meer over de samenstelling van de teams gaat, bijeen gezeten. Voor selectie voor heren 1 is de volgende mail naar alle leden gestuurd; degenen die niet in aanmerking (willen) komen, kunnen deze informatie negeren.
The Kampong Technical Committe which, amongst other issues, takes care of the selection for the men's teams, got together a while ago. Voor selection of the squad for the 1st men's team, the following mail was sent to all members. Those who are or do not want to be considered for selection, can ignore this information.
"Dear Kampong Members,
In an effort to give structure and clarity to the selection process The Technical Committee has agreed to setup a Selection Committee consisting of the captains and a member of the first team leadership group. The aim is to give everyone equal opportunity to make the 'selection group' for the first team that needs to be sent to the KNCB by March 1st. If you do wish to be considered for the selection group then please read the attached Selection Policy carefully and complete the Player Profile Form, then send this to Bhavvik Nana Please contact Bhavvik or myself if you have any questions or concerns."
The Policy and Form were attached to this e-mail. If you haven't received the e-mail, you can contact Bhavvik via e-mail, or neww board member Dirk Benade
This way the Technical Committee wants to ensure all players who would like to be considered get a chance to put themselves forward. 
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