The KNCB competition kicks off this weekend with 6 senior Kampong teams participating. So there will be plenty of cricket on offer, weather permitting.

  • Kampong 1 will play Hoofdklasse under captaincy of Usman Malik
  • Kampong 2 will play in 2A under captaincy of Dirk Benade
  • Kampong 3 will play in 3B under captaincy of Nicholas Pearce
  • Kampong ZaMi will play in Poule 4 of the ZaMi league with rotating captains
  • Kampong ZoMi will play in Poule 2 of the ZoMi league under captaincy of Hassan Mukadam
  • Kampong Ladies will play in the Ladies league under captaincy of Jolien van Vliet

The competitive league of the Kampong Premier League is postponed for now. The KPL recreational league will continu with one KPL match every Saturday in stead of the previously scheduled two.

Check out the Events page for an overview of all the matches scheduled for this weekend.

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