Dear Kampong Cricket members,

Our GMM took place on Sunday 21 February. A special GMM for two reasons. We weren’t gathered in the Charles Verheyen pavilion as usual, but all sat behind our computer screens as a collection of digital squares. And a special ALV due to a number of changes in the board.

Without anticipating on the official minutes of the meeting too much, I would like to update you on those changes and introduce Hans (our new treasurer) and myself.

Transfer of treasury from Eelko to Hans
Eelko Stembord did a tremendous job stepping in as the club’s treasurer over the past year. He has guided our finances through a challenging Covid-19 year. His financial policy and his time and effort have contributed a lot to where Kampong Cricket is now. Thank you very much, Eelko! Eelko has handed over the treasury position to Hans Haanappel with the approval of the GMM. Eelko will continue to support the board as a general board member.

Transfer of chairmanship from Ulrich to Guido
Ulrich Oron has stepped down as chairman after almost 4 years. 4 years in which he meant a lot to Kampong Cricket. We are in good financial position, we have ODI status, better grass wickets, beautiful training facilities and we have a strong position with the Kampong Federation and the KNCB. Not to mention the honor boards, the storage for the cricket bags and the doors to the nets. All made by Ulrich. Every reason to appoint Ulrich as Member of Merit of Kampong Cricket. Thank you very much, Ulrich! Ulrich virtually handed over the gavel to me, also with approval from the GMM.

Introduction Hans and Guido
A new treasurer and a new chairman. For those who do not know us very well, a brief introduction:

Season preview
Those committees, coaches, volunteers and the board are already preparing for the upcoming season. Teams are registered for the KNCB competition, the grass team has completed the first couple of rounds with the light roller, the training schedules for the remaining winter season have been worked out – within the corona restrictions of course. And preparations for the ODIs of the Dutch national team against Ireland for the CWC Super League on June 2, 4 and 7 have also kicked off. We are preparing for a great season full of cricket. Of course, we do not yet know what will and will not be possible. But I am convinced that we will make it an exciting season, regardless of the circumstances.

Hope to see you soon!

On behalf of the board,

Guido Cramer
Chairman SV Kampong Cricket