The 2023 Kampong Omni Tournament is open for registration. The one and only event that brings together all Kampong sports and athletes is on Saturday July 1st. This year the theme is: Kampong Circus.

We are pleased to announce that the circus will soon be visiting our club! Prepare for a spectacular show full of excitement and sensation. Our talented performers (that’s you) will showcase their skills in a range of acts including cricket, tennis, hockey, football, pétanque, squash, acrobatics, juggling and more. It will be an unforgettable experience not to be missed…

Bring your teammates to enjoy this fantastic experience together and make memories you will always cherish. The circus will only be in Kampong for a limited time, so make sure you register your team on time!

Register with a team* (10 people). For lunch, dinner and party you pay €300**.

More information can be found at