So there I was, yet again writing a match report. Hopefully this time it will get published. Maybe El Capitain found the one from last year too offensive to publish; we will probably never find out.

The game was supposed to be played on the 5th of May but a couple of players had a wedding to attend. On a glorious and sunny Pentecost we had our away game against Dosti. Luckily for us Dosti has problems with their fields so we played the away game at Kampong, on the 2nd field. After the game there would be a Kampong BBQ with the other Kampong teams.

Most of us arrived early to see our first team shine against Groen & Wit. Dosti showed up very early and started doing warm-ups… the mighty thirds, who don’t do warm-ups, were amused and could only smile. Why do warm ups when it is that hot. After losing the toss we found ourselves batting… really, losing the toss and choosing to bat on a hot and sunny day, maybe Dosti wanted to make sure the long warm-up didn’t go to waste or maybe they’d already lost the plot? Jimme and Paul opened the batting. Don’t know what was wrong with Jimme, he probably wanted to finish the game early but it was only the first inning. He started smacking the ball around the field and reached 54 in no time. In the meantime we lost the wickets of Schredder and RP. Ross looked in fine shape at the crease and reached 29. Vithu scored an entertaining 32, oh and El Capitain scored 71. You can see all of that on Facebook and Instagram, so I am not writing anything more about that. Final score 281 for nine after 40 overs. The game on the first field was long since finished so in theory we could play the second innings on grass. As ever, Floris and Lisette made sure we had a good lunch before we had to go and field.

I don’t really like fielding but have to write something about the most boring business of cricket. The two V’s took two wickets each. It was a game not about taking wickets but preventing Dosti from scoring runs. Dosti managed to score 173 in 40 overs and lost only 5 wickets. Jimme made sure the spot light was again on him, swearing and fuming when a caught behind was not given. Typical Jimme, it bothered him for about half an hour; it must be his youth. Now you probably want to know why… Caught behind but given as an wide, the batsman was walking but turned around when the wide was given. Real sportsmanship when you as a batsman hide behind your team umpire who also has a hearing problem. Don’t get me wrong, the critique is against the batsman not the umpire. All-in all we won, Dosti went home and we found out that the BBQ had been cancelled because the first team had lost. Luckily for us Floris had done the shopping already. We had a smaller BBQ and it was really nice to meet the better halves of some of our players. THE END.

PS: hopefully you will read this in June 2018, that means that this report has been published!