Kampong Cricket is proud to be the hosting venue of the 52nd Quadrangular Tournament of forty+ clubs from England, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands. The tournament, organized by our friends from SGS Cricket, runs from Sunday the 16th of July to Friday the 21st of July with a total of 13 matches to be played on our grass wicket and second field.

With the relentless hard work of our ground staff (supported by volunteering members), Floris Jansen and his catering team and a bright weather forecast, the stage is set for an unforgettable tournament for all participants.

We wish all participants a pleasant stay at Kampong Cricket, the best of luck and a lot of fun! 

Tournament programme

Sunday, July 16th13:00President’s XI – Royal Bad Boys235 overs
Monday, July 17th11:00SGS – Forty Club145 overs
Monday, July 17th11:00Spain – Dansk XL245 overs
Tuesday, July 18th10:00Spain – Forty Club1T20
Tuesday, July 18th10:00SGS – Dansk XL2T20
Tuesday, July 18th15:00T20 final1T20
Tuesday, July 18th15:00T20 3rd/4th place2T20
Wednesday, July 19th11:00Dansk XL – Forty Club145 overs
Wednesday, July 19th11:00Spain – SGS 245 overs
Thursday, July 20th11:00Forty Club – Spain145 overs
Thursday, July 20th11:00Friendly235 overs
Friday, July 21st10:00SGS – Dansk XL145 overs
Friday, July 21st10:00Friendly235 overs